On North Hutchinson Island, FL

Luxury, niche, ocean and beach front condo within the natural beauty of an idyllic, tranquil barrier reef island. Unique, premium condo captures the stunning es-sence and vast dynamics of a coastal and tropical paradise. An impeccable full renovation and mindful of quality design that accentuates the radiant hues of sunrise and sunset, our higher ocean horizon, and natural beauty abound. An exquisite sweeping crescent beach of 6.5 miles that is virtually vacant and a stun-ning tropical lagoon ecosystem, its 10 islands, all within a lush tropical preserve. Mesmerizing oceanfront, beaches, horizon, sky, tropical preserve and lagoon. Glorious depth and clarity of ocean tropical blues and teals and the allure of on-shoring beach waves. All located on North Hutchinson Island, only 3 miles south of Vero Beach.

“The Optimal Difference”. Hands down our condo has one of the best exposures and coveted views on our island, including within our association. The breathtaking crescent beach emerges just north of our building, and as a result, our condo is approx. 45’ forward having an unobstructed and sweeping view of this spectacular 9 mile beach, majestic ocean and endless horizon. Uniquely combined with our mesmerizing east-to-west unobstructed views, coveted exposure, and specific vertical height of condo, it absolutely rocks from every perspective. You are present with the mesmerizing coinciding panoramas. Ever-changing 24/7, simply gazing from within the condo, virtually from any location.

NO NEUROTOXINS – Since 2012 condo is uniquely certified Organic, Zero Neurotoxins for pest control. Owners proactively hired professionals to install an organic food-grade Diatomaceous Earth in their condo walls…which is 100% effective and safe for humans & pets.

It’s a breeze, enjoy a very relaxing and scenic drive on a seamless barrier island road that is impeccably smooth and is without traffic. Atlantic Beach Boulevard aka North Highway A1A is lined with lush green vegetation and manicured landscapes of tropical trees and “pinch me” glimpses of the ocean.

A sensory feast of ever-changing ocean tides and twilights that bring forth stunning sunrises and sunsets. Full moon beams illuminating massive swaths of ocean shimmering at your feet, and when the full moon is high in the sky it is a thrill to view clouds and waves almost as bright as daylight. Astonishing to awaken in the morning to view brand new turtle nest sites and mother turtle tracks back to the ocean (32 this year). Exhilarating to view dolphin pods leaping, manatee groups, rays, tarpon shining as they leap with special appearances from blue crabs, cardinals, hummingbirds and peacocks.

The essence of warm tropical breezes, pristine endless ocean, alluring on-shore waves, beach grasses, shorebirds, seashells, and enormous blue tropical skies and lagoon ecosystem. Migrating tidal sandbars, sail boats in the distance, miles of picturesque sandy beaches, virtually vacant, even in the high season.

From the oceanside veranda, enjoy private boardwalk access and a convenient 2-minute stroll onto our beach. There is an additional side ramp, without stairs, for ease of access.

Upper oceanside veranda, also offers elevator access to grill, bar seating area, tables & umbrellas, chaise lounges.

East Ocean balcony designed for privacy as well as covered.

The location of our building and condo optimizes enjoyment of autonomy within our association since no direct viewing or exposure of other association’s pool, large parking lot, buildings.

The thrill of a lifetime. Expansive tropical skies and fresh ocean breezes, the wonder of tall white cumulus clouds intermittently laced with rainbows. The exotic and unimaginable beauty of tropical sunsets cascading over the lagoon and across the eastern sky/ocean.

Singularly, the awe-inspiring sunsets, moonrises and sunrises are each unique.

On the East horizon, witness the twilight prior to magnificent sunrises. Gorgeous tropical hues of sunlight stream into the condo, and complemented by the mindful design of coastal colors enhances light (Architectural Digest)

On the East horizon, mesmerizing moonbeams cascade over the vast ocean, highlighting white crests on breaking waves, glistening upon the beach and upon you.

On the West horizon, witness the sunset in a transcending glory of bold rich colors or silver light. Simultaneously witness an unbelievable eastern ocean and horizon awash in glorious sunset colors. Several times a year, a celestial bonus, a luminous full moon ascends in the forefront of the eastern sky awash with awe-inspiring sunset colors. View both simply by turning your head.

Building Stats –

Uniquely singular, our building’s structural design and technology is of excellent quality and superior construction on the entire barrier reef island.

Each floor is comprised of two large condos.

Each condo is its own separate entity.

FOOTPRINT (80′ x 45′) 3462 sf, UNDER AIR 2635 sf, plus COVERED BALCONIES 3103 sf



3 Bed, 3.5 Baths En Suite

Stunning condo is Front East with unobstructed panorama through to full West un-obstructed panorama. Both have equally stunning North and South panorama,

Our condo offers three sides/walls of sweeping views, large open concept, and phe-nomenal 9ft. floor-to-ceiling windows.

Oceanfront East private covered balcony. West front lagoon ecosystem and tropical preserves… balcony slider offers direct and individual access from guest master bedroom and den/guest bedroom.

All Sliders, doors and windows are hurricane-rated UV glass and the tint is natural, almost imperceptible. All sliders also have high-quality accordion doors and main-tained regularly.

Each condo has two private elevator foyers secured with electronic fob access.

Elevator #1 has a personal foyer that leads to the Living Room. It has two 36″ six-panel doors with optional locks.

Elevator #2 also has a personal foyer leads to the Sand /Laundry room, has a large deep sink, cabinet storage and has one 34″ six-panel single door with optional lock.

Owner option mobile phone allows selective guest entrance simply using pre-programmed code, from anywhere in the world. Access the RFID driver secure entry gate, use FOB or 6 digit PIN main entry door and direct elevator access to owner’s floor. The only corridor is the lobby.

Secure Individual owner’s storage area 9’ H x 5’ W x 5’ D

One car garage with loft, room to store bikes, beach chairs, golf clubs, fishing gear etc.

One owner parking space

Assigned guest parking areas

Enjoy Sensory Video and Website Link Welcome/Introduction, Photogallery, Go-ings On & Renovations… Boutiques, Dining, Sailing, Casual and Fine Dinning, Amaz-ing Take Out, Shopping, Food, Boutiques, Wine Shops, Theater Guilds, Art Museums, Organic Produce, Stunning Sea-life and Wildlife, Farmers Markets,

20 miles of sidewalks, dedicated cycling lanes ,Boat & Kayak Launches, Golf, Mens senior softball, Pickleball, Boating & Boating Membership Clubs, Vintage Cars… so much more!


Upper veranda with elevator access to grill, bar seating area, tables & umbrellas, chaise lounges.

Owners Library

Reception Room with bathroom facility, also veranda and beach users + owner locking cabinet

Well Equipped CYBEX Gym, with His/Her Bathrooms with showers.


Trash Chute

Fire Sprinklers & Voice Audio System

Condo Immediate Access to Two Secure Emergency Stairwells.

Consider your preference offered below.

~ Building exposure & specific floor plan

~ Maximum views from within condo of oceanfront views, beachfront views, on-shoring wave views, maximum height of endless horizon, enjoy beach front on-shoring waves or enjoy effect of floating above waves, no direct views of large abutting building parking lot, sunset views, river/sanctuary lagoon and its islands, and tropical preserves.

~ To encapsulate, in New York, the Penthouse value is the highest as it is the best to view across miles and miles. This is not the case on our coastal barrier reef, it is entirely different scenario. This is due to the proximity of our building to the ocean/beach front and on-shoring beach waves… The highest floors, standing within the condo, owners have entire views of

the sky and distant areas. They must approach the window ledge to directly view the ocean/beach front sand below, onshore waves, shore, ocean.